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Clinical Research

  • Australasian Shunt Registry

    The Australasian Shunt Registry was developed by Dr Brian K Owler in order to address the relatively high rate of device related complications in the management of hydrocephalus and other CSF circulation disorders. The project aims to record data from each shunt procedure undertaken in order to establish rates and patterns of shunt failure and subsequent revision. The project is based at the Children's Hospital at Westmead where a pilot project has been running for 6 months. Support for the project has been shown by a number of other centres where Registry is to be introduced. The data will be available to individual surgeons on a confidential basis so that they may compare their own performance to their institution or to the group as a whole. The data will also serve as base for other research projects in the future.

  • Other Clinical Research Topics

    Numerous other clinical research with projects involving CSF circulation disorders, surgically treated movement disorders and patients with craniocervical junction abnormalities such as basilar impression are in progress

  • International Collaborations

    Dr Owler continues to collaborate with his colleagues at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK on research projects related to CSF circulation disorders, in particular, regarding normal pressure hydrocephalus and pseudotumorcerebri. This collaboration has recently resulted in completion of a book to be published on the topic of pseudotumor cerebri which was co-authored by Professor John Pickard from Cambridge and Dr Ian Johnston (formerly of Sydney).

Previous Research

  • Department of Surgery, University of Sydney

    Dr Owler continued active clinical research on the topic of CSF circulation disorders through the Department of Surgery at the University of Sydney. Research into the topic of pseudotumorcerebri has culminated in the development of a new treatment for the condition - venous sinus stenting. Since the publication of the first case in the Lancet, other centers have begun to publish their own cases using venous sinus stents. Clinical practice is currently changing around the world as a result of this research.

  • Department of Surgery, University of Sydney, 2000-2003

    Academic Neurosurgery Unit, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge UK Dr Brian K Owler conducted basic and clinical research into the pathogenesis of normal pressure hydrocephalus as part of a PhD project. While normal pressure hydrocephalus is CSF circulation disorder, DrOwler chose to concentrate on the role of the parenchyma in the pathogenesis of the condition. Various tools were used to perform the research including computerized CSF infusion studies, positron emission tomography and diffusion tensor MR imaging at 3 tesla. This research has resulted in the publication of several papers.

  • University of California, San Francisco, Department of Neurology, 1996

    Dr Brian K Owler elected to undertake further research into the neuroanatomy of nociception during my undergraduate medical training. This involved performing basic research on CNS pain regulation pathways and the role of different opioids in the midbrain.

  • University of Sydney, Department of Anatomy, 1993

    Dr Owler enrolled in a BSc(Med)(Hons I) during his undergraduate medical training in order to gain a knowledge of basic research in the neurosciences. Research was conducted into the neuroanatomy of visceral nociception and the role of these pathways in the behavioural and physiological responses to visceral noxious stimuli.

Review of Scientific Articles

  • Reviews of Scientific Articles

    Dr Owler reviews scientific articles for several international medical journals including:

    • Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
    • Journal of Neurology
    • British Journal of Neurosurgery
    • Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry
    • Acta Neurologica Scandanavica
    • Neurology India
    • European Journal of Neurology
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